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When suffering from chronic muscle soreness and pain, we want a massage that’s going to deliver dramatic results.  We want to work at the root of the problem and not just trim the branches.  SomaFlow works at a level that I believe goes beyond the benefits of traditional massage therapy.  It is a unique approach because with SomaFlow, we fundamentally change or unwind the structure of the tissue.


How does that work?


When connective tissue is stiff, it tends to wind up tight like a rope. Picture an old person who’s walking all bent over with his head and chest leaning over a cane.  Years of stress, poor posture, and a history of physical and emotional traumas create a debilitating pattern of chronic pain and muscle stiffness.  The longer this goes on, the tighter the rope gets.  Collagen cross linking compounds this problem by binding this rope even tighter together! 

What is so profound about SomaFlow, is that it is an effective antidote for both of these issues!  SomaFlow is a technique that literally unwinds this ropey structure.   By unwinding the fibers and breaking up excessive collagen cross linking bonds that have tied that ‘rope’ together, the tissue is less inclined to snap back to its previous position.  You’ve unwound the coil so it can’t snap back!  Of course with years of trauma and neglect, there may be quite a bit of unwinding to do.  But I have seen time and time again that we can help people in chronic pain by changing the structure of the connective tissue.  It is really remarkable work.


What I have described thus far outlines the mechanics of SomaFlow but there is an important energetic component as well.  We all have ‘chi’ or life force; that electrical current that keeps us alive.  When performing SomaFlow, the practitioner is trained to pull the energy in towards his center then move it out like a wave.  If you have ever practiced tai chi, you may have a sense of what this feel like.  By combining the proper SomaFlow mechanics with the wave-like movement of chi, you have a very powerful force behind you.


Another wonderful component of SomaFlow is the equipment that I use.  These three pieces help the client form their body into yoga-like positions.  Far more dynamic then lying flat on a massage table, with the SomaFlow equipment I'm able to change the angles of the body and get the necessary traction I need to unwind the tissue.  I also find that if you work the same muscle group but alter your angle of approach, you get a whole different kind of release.


After SomaFlow and massage sessions, I always take notes to record what worked well, what didn’t and some possible ideas for my next session.  And as I always tell my clients, if ever there’s a position I ask you go into that feel at all painful or uncomfortable, we won’t do it.  Sometimes the tissue is so inflamed and vulnerable that it’s most appropriate to simply do the session on a massage table.  The body tells you what it needs. 

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