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Dana Foglia, Choreographer

Before meeting Dana Hubbard, I lived in pain every single day with multiple back and neck injuries. From my very first session with him, I felt I had found an angel in my life. His compassion, true care and desire to truly want to help you, are what makes him so special and in a lane of his very own. I’ve been a very consistent client now for over six years and when I try to explain what he does to friends, it’s always very difficult. But what I can truly say is that he has changed my life. I no longer live in that pain anymore and so much of that is because of Dana!

John Scheinfeld, Writer, Director, Filmmaker

"Dana is terrific! I’ve been seeing him for massage treatments every two weeks for many years. Not because I have any chronic pain issues, but because, like a car, constant maintenance keeps me in good running order, physically and mentally. It goes without saying that Dana is extremely knowledgeable, but more important, he’s exceptionally intuitive. He always seems to know exactly where my body needs the work and the right approach to use, be it Swedish, deep tissue or a blend of techniques.  I’ve actually tested him a few times, purposefully not telling him about this knee tweak or that calf strain, but he always found and went for it without me having to say a word. All this and such a nice guy, too!"



Kathyrn McCormick - Professional Dancer & Educator

Dana has been an incredible support for me over the past decade. He has an intuitive ability to navigate bringing the body back into balance through his bodywork. He also demonstrates great emotional sensitivity which creates a felt sense of safety, making it possible for deep energetic shifts in a session. Dana’s work has been transformative in helping sustain my body as a professional dancer. Over the years, he has helped to prevent injury, allowing my body to connect to my potential as a mover. Thank you Dana for your passion, care and healing offerings. I am forever grateful.

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