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The scope of my bodywork training has allowed me great versatility in my massage practice.  There are clients who want only a soothing and gentle touch, and for them the long flowing strokes of a Swedish massage are the most appropriate.  If someone is feeling a bit under the weather, a shiatsu massage may be best because the intent is to balance the energy of the body rather than manipulate tissue.  If someone is holding an enormous amount of tension in their neck and shoulders and can only turn their head so far before it jams up with pain, then applying deep tissue and sports massage techniques may be the right approach.  In these situations, I’ll also employ my BioSync techniques for tissue that is especially wound up and hard. 


Often times, I am inclined to use a blend of these techniques.  Swedish when we need to be soft, deep tissue or sports massage when we need to be deep.  I always take notes before and after my massage sessions so I can build a record of what approaches are working and what were less effective.   Looking back at what you have done is useful, but what is most important is to be present to what the body is telling you in the moment.  By tuning into the client’s body and your own intuition, you start getting messages about how to approach the massage. Every person is different and every day is different.  In that sense, each session is a discovery of what and how the body needs to unfold.

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