Constant maintenance keeps me in good running order.

"Dana is terrific! I’ve been seeing him for massage treatments every two weeks for many years. Not because I have any chronic pain issues, but because, like a car, constant maintenance keeps me in good running order, physically and mentally. It goes without saying that Dana is extremely knowledgeable, but more important, he’s exceptionally intuitive. He always seems to know exactly where my body needs the work and the right approach to use, be it Swedish, deep tissue or a blend of techniques.  I’ve actually tested him a few times, purposefully not telling him about this knee tweak or that calf strain, but he always found and went for it without me having to say a word. All this and such a nice guy, too!"


John Scheinfeld



Experienced chronic problems for at least a decade.

"I went to Dana with the hope of finally finding a solution for the chronic physical problems I had experienced for at least a decade.  While chiropractors, Pilates and massage therapy had helped a lot, they couldn't prevent my hips, shoulders

and neck from returning to their (ab)normal position within a couple of days.


Through doing BioSync with Dana, I began seeing results immediately, and a couple of months later, the considerable pain I had when I started is gone.  What's even more amazing is that, despite a congenital predisposition, the actual form of my body has

changed.  Dana's BioSync therapy has truly made a tremendous difference in my life."


-- Claire Z.

Television Programming Director

Looking forward to doing what I love again!

My name is Dirk and I'm 57 years old.  I've been mountain biking for almost 20 years.  I tore my hamstrings 2 years ago and until Dana's BioSync treatment, I was in chronic pain and unable to ride even short flat distances on the streets.  The hamstrings would "lock-up" every time.  After a few BioSync sessions, Dana asked me to start "testing" the injury.  I've been riding several weeks now and have not experienced the "lock-up" since.  I'm looking forward to now doing what I love again!  Thank you Dana!!


 - Dirk Gifford


Not your ordinary massage therapist.

"Dana Hubbard is not your ordinary massage therapist.  I would have to describe his technique as intuitive.  Your body talks to him & he listens. I appreciate that every session spent with him will be unique and custom to me.  I would have to say that his Biosync technique has been one of the strongest motivating factors in my journey back to good health." 



                                                                    John E. Jackson 

                                                                    W.M. Creations, Inc.